When you think of your workout time and session as not just “arms” or “chest” session but rather a “full body” session, you aren’t far from loaded movement training. Let’s be a bit explicit about what loaded movement training entails.  This is actually a form of resistance training that is based majorly on movement and it combines various full body movement patterns with a load.

This emerging form of resistance training helps you to develop a total body strength and muscles together as a single unit while moving loads in different directions at different speeds. The sum effect of the loaded movement training is that it helps you withstand and carry out explosive movement or unfamiliar movement pattern in your activities of daily living.

Benefits of Loaded Movement Training

  1. Integrates a wider range of physiological systems such as the muscles, connective and fascia tissue, nervous and the skin in a single workout session.
  2. Multidirectional movement and exercise can help to enhance the elasticity and appearance of the skin.
  3. Compared to some traditional resistance training that focuses on lifting loads against gravity, loaded movement training moves loads through gravity and this increases tension on the fascia muscles rather than compressive loads on the joints. 
  4. Multidirectionalstability and strength are enhanced while moving loads from different starting points through different movement patterns.
  5. Multi-speed exercises in different directions for the entire fascial muscle network can basically reduce aging effects and help to build more elastic tissue that looks more youthful in architecture and in function.
  6. During dynamic movement, many unplanned changes in direction and velocity occur. With theloaded movement training, you can build yourself to face such variabilitythrough changes in direction, distance and speed during your exercise.
  7. Dependingon the requirement of your sporting activities, you can develop sport-specificstrength using various high velocity movements which will enhance stabilityfrom your training room even to the competition arena

How Loaded Movement Training is Revolutionizing the Fitness Industry 

Thoughthe loaded movement training is not actually surfacing to change or scrap theexisting fitness routine and protocols, it has come as a complementing part ofwhat has been. The loaded movement training comes with a high pace of resultespecially to those who need to see the result of their workout and trainingpretty fast. Skilled trainers understand the fact that incorporating the loadedmovement training into routine workout and exercises of their clients makesthem stand a better chance of having their well-balanced sessions of trainingand coaching give the expected results within the least expected time. Guess this is the joy and fulfilment every trainer expect – results.

Effect of Loaded Movement Training on the Body 

Just like every fitness workout, the loaded movement training has so much to offer to the body. Apart from being a workout routine that can help build stability, agility, weight loss and burn fat, it also helps to increase the elasticity of the entire skin, prepare the body for some kind of unplanned movements that may naturally get the body or joints injured. This form of exercise and training is very important and necessary to include as a part of a well-balanced health and fitness routine.

How Loaded Movement Training is changing the Game

Engaging clients and athletes in a variety of multidirectional load movement at different speeds during their workout sessions can go a long way in training the entire integrated myofascial network of muscles. Instead of engaging in just the traditional resistance training exercises that pays more attention to contractile force on muscles, you can step up your game with the loaded movement training that engages the muscles in some form of elastic function and definitely enhance rapid movement or changes in speed during ADL. With this in your routine, you are sure to have not just your arms and chest trained, but the entire body gets trained to help you stay top of your game.

Tools Used In Loaded Movement Training

Without any need or point for the argument that a tool is better than the other while carrying out the loaded movement training, it is better to adopt and utilize the perspective that every tool is useful especially when used for the right activity.  Fitness equipment that can be used as a load or to add a load for a multiplanar movement during the loaded movement training exercise includes:

  1. ViPR, specifically designed for loaded movement training.
  2. Medicine balls
  3. Sand bags
  4. Dumbbells
  5. Weighted Vest
  6. Kettlebells
  7. Maces

Why it is Important to Train this Way

When you study your body mechanism and functionality, you will agree that the body and its adaptations to everyday activities are dynamic, conditioning itself to the challenges of a day’s activities and trying to keep up the demands subsequently. Once you understand this fact and incorporate the loaded movement training as one of your routines during workout sessions, it will challenge and condition your muscles, the nervous system, skin, fascia, and other systems of the body to withstand any form of stress or challenge. Evidence from research shows that moving the body with load improves agility, balance, dynamic strength, enhancing performance in sporting activities and ultimately improvingcfunctionality in daily life.


Although the loaded movement training is not actually intended to replace current training protocols and methods, it is intended to be added as a core component of a structured training program which will enable you to respond and withstand unprepared challenges and other weighty routines. Remember, life can be likened to a bicycle, to keep balance, you have to keep moving.

By: Anthony Mendez