While almost everyone focuses on weight loss and body composition (external body focused) , I focus on dealing with the internal body first. My approach to coaching is a more holistic one that deals with mental/emotional health, gut (digestive) health, and reducing inflammation (internal body focused). As a byproduct of this focus shift, the external body (weight loss) handles itself. ALONG WITH: breaking caffeine & sugar addictions, massive reductions in anxiety, no more heart burn, bloating, or excessive gas, and peoples energy goes through the roof. Most people that I work with are not even assigned a regimented fitness routine. We solely talk about doing movement based activities that THEY enjoy doing. With that said, during our first month or so, most people experience sustainable weight loss of 10+ pounds the first month, WITHOUT a routine. 

Focusing on gut health and reducing inflammation go hand in hand. For anyone that is not familiar with “gut” health, the primary things you need to know are: ~90% of anxiety relieving neurotransmitters are located in it, it is the source of heart burn, bloating, and excessive gas, and 80% of your immune system is located right outside of it. Most people with auto immune conditions such as IBS, Arthritis, Lupus, MS, & Psoriasis have a messed up digestive tract. By focusing on the “gut”, symptoms of most of these other issues can be reduced.

Some major keys I would recommend to help with bloating and improve digestive health are: having bone broth daily, taking a collagen supplement, temporarily getting rid of grains, dairy, processed foods, beans, and tomatoes (seeds and skin can cause a lot of bloating). Eat in a 12 hour eating window (eat/drink nothing but water from 7pm until 7am), and while eating, simply slowing down and eliminating all distractions that are not positive.

By Keyen Lage 

Instagram: @keyen.lage